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Surcorp Resume Solutions - Canada's Resume Writing, Job Search Coaching, Interview Coaching Strategists

Resume FAQS

How do I provide you with the information you need to write my resume? Can I just send you a copy of my existing resume?

You have three options. You can complete our online form via the Order link and copy and paste your resume there. The form is easy to understand and provides us with the basics we need to start.


If you have an existing resume then you have all the foundation information available. Therefore, you can simply email it to us via


Last but not least, if you don't have an existing resume, and don't have the time to complete the online form, then you can call us at 416-361-1290 to set up an in-person or telephone consultation based on location and preference.

What do you do that is different? I don't want my resume being a carbon copy of the one I have!

The difference between Resume Solutions and other firms is in the detail. When your information is received, we scrutinise it carefully. We drill down into the core of what you are saying, question your background experience in light of your desired career path, and quiz the end results of your achievements.


Through this intensive investigative session we devise a list of customized questions about your experience, actions you took, and results you achieved, and email them to you for your response. Most people don't "tell the whole story" in their existing resumes and provide open-ended information that leaves the reader puzzled.


Our probing set of questions will stamp your resume with the individuality that is vital for standing out in a crowd--assuring nobody else can look or sound like you. This part of the process serves a dual purpose. Firstly to allow us to get the best information from you to prepare your career marketing tools, and secondly to prepare you for those tough interviews using the CAR approach (Challenge Action Result).


Our intensive information gathering is what sets Resume Solutions apart from our competitors. We spend the time to get to know you through your responses so we can maximize your presentation, and assure your resume is unique; just like you. (Think back; just how many of your friends' resumes have that "one-size-fits-all" wording -- "excellent organizational and communication skills". And they think they are unique?)

Do I get to look at my resume before it is finished?

Yes. As soon as we have created your documents we send you a review draft by email.


Substantial thought has gone into the placement of text, formatting and wording by this stage, and the first draft is usually close to the final presentation. Some of our clients like to change words here and there (if they're not familiar with terms or would have trouble carrying a word or concept to interview).


Naturally we welcome your suggestions and feedback, but as your coach, mentor, and knowledgeable "friend", we believe your document should maintain the integrity and professionalism as originally conveyed; it would be against your interests for us to allow you to revert to the "comfort" of your previous (non-working) approach that had you sounding like one of the pack. You deserve the best and the term "mediocre" is not an option if you are a client of Resume Solutions! You can be assured that if your changes are solid and worthwhile, they'll be implemented. If they reflect poorly on you, we'll tell you why they shouldn't be included. In the end though, you have to feel that your resume represents you and you can trust our years of experience in making this happen. We are committed to maximizing your chances for an interview—and it is a journey we are taking together!

How long does the process take?

This varies depending upon how quickly you send us the information we need and how quickly you respond back to us after you receive your review draft.


For the average person, a resume and cover letter development from receipt of order to final delivery is around 5 business days.


Some of the "Resume Solutions end" packages have a lot of different components and services and the delivery time on these is typically longer due to the sheer amount of hard work that is dedicated to them.


We make no apology that quality, and maximizing your chances for interview are our aims. If you're after a "resume factory" that churns out cloned resumes to meet your 24-hour deadline, then we'll be blunt - we're not a match.


We carefully and painstakingly create an individual package for each person. We won't compromise ourselves - or you, in giving you anything second-rate just to meet a deadline. (A deadline for a job incidentally, you may miss out on anyway by submitting an inferior/rushed application).

How does your service work step-by-step?

Step 1. Your choice

1. You complete the online form to provide us with the basics or... 4
2. You Email your existing résumé to us, or… 
3. Call us at toll free 1-866-361-1390 / local 416-361-1290.


Step 2. Making Payment

As a service-based business, we request payment next. We will generate an invoice and forward to you for immediate payment. Your résumé is fully customized to you and your needs, so we need to ensure you are as serious about the process as we are. Once your online form, or existing résumé plus payment has been received, step 3 begins.


Step 3—Behind the Scenes/Timelines

1. Your custom file is created 
2. We contact you within 2 hours during business hours to arrange telephone or in-person / face –to-face consultant (based on preference and location).
3. Electronic tax invoice is emailed to you 
4. We commence writing once the consultant is complete and payment received. The first draft will be delivered via email within 5 business days. 
5. You are given 48 hours to review documents for accuracy and content, and you are afforded two separate opportunities to make changes. 
6. Upon receipt of the final release form, your package will be sent to you with the electronic version of your documents plus the Resume Solutions
Interview Guide (all password protection will be removed).

This is urgent! The job of a lifetime has just been brought to my attention. Can you help?

Resume Solutions never sacrifices quality for expediency. If you "need a resume yesterday” then we are not a match. We are meticulous in getting the document right, as it stands between you and an interview for the position of your dreams. That is important to us and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.


Resume Solutions is not a template-driven one-size-fits-all service with a team of writers writing to a formula. You are unique and so is your résumé. Your documents will never be contracted out to university students or “piece-work” typists. Ever. Our work is sought after as most of business comes through referrals.


Please remember this is your career! If something is "urgent" it means you haven't planned properly!

I don't need hard copies. I just want the electronic documents. Do you do that?


Are your prices negotiable? Do you give discounts for students, unemployed or people who do not wish to pay full price?

Are your prices negotiable? Do you give discounts for students, unemployed or people who do not wish to pay full price?When you purchase a resume it is not like the purchase of a refrigerator, washing machine, or TV. There are no wholesale mark-ups or profits to be cut for a more attractive price. A service such as resume writing is a specialized field. It takes a long time to become expert in the field, takes a great deal of investment in education, books, and training and this expertise cannot be undervalued.


We are not a retailer of a product. Resume Solutions is a professional service provider like your accountant, solicitor, or doctor; all specialists, all expertly trained and knowledgeable. Our intellectual property is our value.


At Resume Solutions we believe our services are fairly priced and representative of the effort it takes to help you get interviews for jobs that will provide you with better conditions and more money. In most cases our fee will be recovered in the first few hours of the first day at your new job.


If your employer said to you tomorrow "I hope you don't mind us putting a little less in your pay packet this week" what would your reaction be?


There is no chance of us compromising our integrity by rushing out a cheap, quick project like a "sausage factory." Resume Solutions quality, full-price, customized service; as you would expect when you deal with professionals.

Have you ever written for my occupation before? How much experience do you have?

Have you ever written for my occupation before? How much experience do you have?Since 1998 Sandy and the Resume Solution’s team has written more than 15k resumes for every occupation under the sun! From IT to executives, from boilermakers to truck drivers, from marketing managers to nurses, teachers to production managers, actresses to sound engineers, it would be a rare occupation indeed that had not passed Sandy's and the Resume Solution’s desks!

Do you make personal appointments? I want to sit down and talk it all through with someone face-to-face.

Resume Solutions is both an internet business and offline business. We do meet with clients at our corporate offices at 21 St. Clair Ave. E., Suite 503. However the vast majority of clients prefer to deal exclusively via electronic means (telephone, email and fax). The advantage of this is that you are given the time you need to think. Will you have all the information a person wants in your hour-long person-to-person interview, or will you have to call them back? Can you afford to take off time for second and third "viewings"?

Why should I choose Resume Solutions and not another resume writing service?

Resume Solutions is committed to setting benchmarks for quality in both product and customer service. Sandy and the Resume Solutions team back our promises and services fully and have aligned with others in our industry that have similar objectives. Resume Solutions has the backing, knowledge and support mechanisms that other services simply can't provide.


As a member of the Career Masters Institute and Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, Resume Solutions is bound by a Code of Ethics. We pledge to you the client our allegiance to all ethical and appropriate business dealings. Our integrity has been the mainstay of our many years in business.

How and when do I pay for my resume? Can I send a cheque (that's check for our US readers) or money order?

We commence your work upon receipt of your payment in full.
Resume Solutions accepts Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Online Email Interac and Paypal.
Personal cheques are no longer accepted.

Do you give refunds?

As mentioned in an earlier FAQ, we are not selling a refrigerator, TV, or washing machine. We are developing documents specifically for you, based on your experience, training, and career desires. We cannot "resell" this service to anyone else if you change your mind. Because we are providing a service and not a product, we have a policy of "no refunds". What we will do is ensure you are entirely happy with the document and you will be asked to "sign off" on the document/s when complete and you are satisfied.

If I sent you my current resume, would you provide a critique of it and give me some recommendations?

Yes, we do provide a resume critique service. We review your current resume and send you a report detailing our professional opinion on such areas as format, overall presentation, grammatical/spelling issues, and areas that may raise "red flags" to an astute observer of human resources. We will also give you advice on overcoming these problems. If after receiving our summary you would like to commission a new resume package, we will deduct $10 from the price of your selected package. Pricing for this service can be found on our Order Page.

Why do some people say CV and other people say resume? Is there a difference?

Most people interchange these terms freely and believe they are one and the same. Certainly in different countries they tend to be known more by one name or the other. In the US, resume is the term of choice. In the UK, CV or Curriculum Vitae is the preferred term. In Canada we use both CV and resume.


Technically however, a CV is a different document than a resume. A resume is a marketing document, a CV tends to be used by academic, legal, medical, and scientific circles as a straight, documented list of papers presented, education, publications, and more.

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Best Executive Resume (twice)
Best Cover Letter

Best Grad Resume (twice)

Best Sales & Marketing Resume (twice)

Best Technical Resume

Best Career Re-entry Resume

Best International Resume 



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